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I met Evelyn with big tits few years ago when I was on a holiday trip to Spain with my wife and bumped into her and her husband. After about ten years I again encountered with her with my lovely wife. Though today she got older by ten years and has children, but still she was sexy and beautiful due to her busty breasts.

Very Big Tits

We talked about various things, watched sex videos and before departing decided to meet again in the evening to restore old memories with a glass of wine at some local bar. I came back to my villa with my wife Tracy and love with her on the floor of the house as was unable to restrain me. According to Tracy the sight of Evelyn had excited me as she knew that I was dying to have her in my bed. Though it was true, but I denied, for it.

As per our plan, we met Evelyn in the evening, but she was alone. She told that her husband was not feeling well and gone to bed early. I knew it was a false excuse, but accepted it. A delicate white cotton shirt without bra and very short denim skirt along with black sandals, Evelyn was given an amazing look. Her firm and full tits were giving an impression of a teenage girl.

We invited Evelyn to our villa after consuming lots of wine that evening on a number of bars. At our villa we again have some drinks, which she also accepted gladly and watched big tv with porn movies from Wank tv. My wife and Evelyn were chatting and drinking wine by the pool on the terrace when I got back to get my head cleared with a shower. After the shower, I got into a pair of tight Lycra shorts before joining them as the evening was too hot. As I sat down on the terrace both the girls went into the villa and after some time came back wearing bikinis to have a leap into the pool right away. There they played with each other for some time by splashing water. They also invited me to join them, like some of Aloha tube pornstars, but I was not in such a mood.

I went on refusing unless both of them threw their bikinis at me one by one. I was stunned to see these very big tits! I had not seen such huge and firm boobs with big dark nipples facing upwards till that day. Both of them climbed out of the swimming pool to drag me into it. I was trying hard to hide my erection which was obvious after seeing such stunning tits, but was astonished when Evelyn grabbed my huge cock after slipping her hand into my shorts. I followed them into the water as I had no other choice.

In the water both the girls acted like a team and put off my shorts within minutes and started tickling my large cock in the water one by one. In the meantime, I revealed their bottoms by taking off their bikini panties, but I succeeded after much effort. I did not want to annoy Tracy and went on grabbing and playing with her real tits when she inspired me by saying that I should play with Evelyn’s boobs as she might be feeling discarded. I grabbed the chance I was waiting for long and started kissing and kneading her perfectly tight and full breasts. Then they pushed me to the shallow end of the swimming pool to sit on its edge.

As soon as I sat up the pool’s edge Evelyn started bobbing up and down my cock with her lips around it. She went on sucking my dick till she swallowed everything as according to her she needed it since long.

After that Evelyn sat beside me when Tracy took over the charge of my cock and I was busy in playing with Evelyn’s big natural tits. Thus, in such a short time I was enjoying the double excitement. Later on we three went to the bedroom and have the real fun of threesome sex before sleeping. Next morning left our villa and went back to her hotel without any awkwardness on her face. After that we had sex a few times till our stay in Spain. At the current time, you can watch her big tits at!